Facebook Launches New Real Money Game

It’s official, Facebook has just entered the scene by offering a real money game online last Tuesday. A news that could delight some and perhaps create a controversy for others.

Facebook has indeed developed a bingo games application in the United Kingdom. With the essential help of the British operator Gamesys, who played a major role in the development of the software, the two groups joined forces to launch Bingo Friendzy. This application which is only available in England, and which is offered to all users who are strictly of legal age: 18 years old.

Before you play, each user will need to verify their identity by doing a few updates to their FACEBOOK accounts, to prove that each person who signs up actually lives in the UK. Facebook has a technology that also filters this type of application to all those who are under the majority.

” Young people are much more likely to see an ad for Bingo on the TV or in a betting shop window like when they go to school than when they are on Facebook, ” said the game development platform. . This is also the case for those who live outside the UK. They won’t see any ads.

This new application is the first created by Facebook. It allows you to play with real money instead of using those famous Facebook credits that we used to use for several years. Facebook does not intend to stop there. More real money games are expected to arrive, including a slot machine game in the coming months. A situation that could create some major competition with physical gaming establishments.

“[…] People love to play, especially when the game is unique and new. They can do it with their friends on Facebook. We have chosen this country to start this application, because the United Kingdom is a country where gambling is considered a real leisure activity ”declared Julien Codorniou, head of EMEA gaming partnerships on Facebook Europe. “ […] We are delighted to be working with Gamesys. […] “

Zynga is one of the most popular partners with a long standing contract with Facebook. The group which went public last December is also considering venturing into real money. Zynga is more focused on Poker. Awaiting legal gambling license. Zynga remains confident and has a good chance of securing long-term gaming permission in order to offer services like Gamsys currently does.

On all these transactions, Facebook intends to recover a share of the gaming market and has asked each company to obtain a share percentage of the profit generated by this type of gaming platform.…